Happy Pride Month – Live and Let Live

It is almost the end of pride month I should’ve posted my wishes much earlier. Happy pride month to everyone.

I think pride month is not only for LGBT community but for everyone who takes pride of who they are. It’s not just for the people belongs to the community and their allies.

I have been reading so much about LGBT and pride in the internet lately. I’m so happy that we had came a long way from where we were before in terms of acceptance of LGBT community. But still there is the majority of people that still against LGBT.

I came to know about this homophobia and transphobia like last few years. Maybe since 2015 or 2016. Since then I started to reach out people belongs to this community and heard their stories. Only after that I came to knew how hard their life could be. Of course, we all go through so much things in our life and it’s valid. But theirs is a different story.

From my knowledge I can say that their life must be hell and they are just trying to find happiness within them.

I do not understand why people bully them! What’s wrong with all these bullies? Is that because the other people is trying to be genuine about their self and finding their own happiness?

I saw many people asking what is the need for pride month? But indeed they need to conduct pride. Because they need to be visible in this society. They have all right here in this planet to live and love as we have.

They are getting killed, disowned by their family, thrown out from their job or education, being bullied their entire lifetime. Can you imagine this? We humans, being the most intelligent species in the planet and being so cruel to our own people.

Almost every people belongs to the LGBT are disowned by their family. Why!??? To those of you all thrown your LGBT child out of your family, Because they put shadow on your pride and image in the society?? You people should be ashamed of yourself for throwing your child out in a time when they needed you the most. You child should be ashamed of born in such a narrow minded family. But they won’t only because they know the how much pain that shame and ignorance could make.

I wish no people born as LGBT to a homophobic/transphobic and other phobic parent and family. This is my all day prayer. I don’t want to see these people in streets and being depressed and ending their lives.

I know religion plays a big role in our beliefs in so much things, including one’s sexuality and personal life.

Why is there religions? Personally I believe that religions made for peace and compassion and to create harmony within all beings residing in this planet. I believe that having your own beliefs, values and faith is good. But don’t let that take over humanity and compassion. I think one should not impose their values and beliefs on others. If you believe in something it’s okay. But you and your beliefs have no rights to question and interrupt other people’s existence.

If homosexuality and transgenderism or any other LGBT identities are against god, why’d he created them? Even if it’s against god, killing someone, bullying them, harassing them and disowning them isn’t against god? He must be proud of you people!

I have heard people saying that homosexuality, and transgenderism and other LGBT identities are against nature, mental illness, choice, sin and curse. Are you people aware that we are living in 21st century? Or are you just being ignorant purposefully?

It’s 21st century and science is proving that LGBT natural and they are all valid.

To those of you that says it’s against nature or it is unnatural-

What is nature? It is the innate characteristic of one thing, be it human, animals, plants or anything that exist in the universe, that expresses. It is unique for everyone. You must have heard people saying “oh she has different nature” , “his aggressive nature freaks me out”, etc. So it is different for every single individual in this planet. Studies show that more than 1500 species expressed homosexuality.

Even 6000+ year old Rigveda says, “What seems unnatural is also natural.”

Researchers have found that their brain is wired to be like that. Transgender (MtF) people’s brain resembles to more to a female brain than a male brain.

It is not a mental illness either. From the researchers of American Psychologist Association to Association of Clinical Psychologist in India, various studies show that they are mentally well and it is natural to be homosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgender and other valid LGBT identities.

Now do you want me to talk about the sin part!? :p

Also they cannot turn people into gay or lesbian or transgender. They are HUMANS!!! Not magicians. Nobody can turn anybody to gay or lesbian. It is what naturally they are.

Choice is yours. You don’t have to like someone or something that’s different than you. But you can choose to listen, with an open mind, without any judgment and then you will know that other are not much different than you think.

Decision is yours. The world is changing and more accepting of LGBT community. If you don’t like them it’s fine. But you can let them live their life whatever the way they like as long as they are not interfering in your life.

Why someone’s sexuality or gender identity or expression matters so much? We should only consider their personality, how they treat others, what they are at their heart and their accomplishments in areas like career or education.

Learn to see humans as HUMANS.

I’m putting down some links below so you can refer and have more knowledge in this topic.

These are some umbrella sites through which you can learn more about sexuality and gender identity by clicking hyperlinks.

I’m also giving links to help guide articles for family and parents down below :

Learn to accept others as they way they are and only then we could improve ourselves, improve others life and live in harmony and compassion. Live and let live!

Loving someone isn’t a crime.

Loving someone isn’t a sin.

God is love,

And loving people regardless of their gender, sex, sexuality, race, color, religion, etc., shows that you love God.

Love is love.

I want to say that my blog will be a supportive and accepting place to each and everyone who believes in love and compassion.

Be kind and compassionate


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