Punkunnam Railway Station – Good Old Memories

After a long time, I’m back with my writing. I was literally going through a hard time in my life. I will post about all those stuff later.

I’m somebody who is nostalgic, who loves to live in memories and imagination. Not everytime but only sometime. I hold those beautiful moments I had very close to me.

Punkunnam Railway Station is a railway station in my place. It’s is in the borderline of Thrissur urban area. A small station with two platforms and a small terminal. Both sides have concrete benches for passengers to sit and water taps. With flowering trees and cool atmosphere, the station is a great place to hangout.

It has always been my favourite place to hangout with my best friends Hari and Nuthin. Hari is my best friend forever since 2013 and Nuthin since 2017. They are the most favourite people of mine to spend my time with since the moment I met them.

It must be sure that Punkunnam Railway Station is not only my favourite but theirs as well. We started to prefer this place to hangout since our 12th grade. This place always bring smile in my face.

I remember when we visited this place for the first time. It was in 2018, I think. We had no idea this place could be an amazing spot to hangout until we randomly decided to rest and have a glass of water from the railway station during our weekly roaming through the downtown.

It is a station with few people and trains come and go through every 5 or 10 minutes. Both sides of the station has houses and it is fields from where the platform ends. All we do there is sit, talk and drink cold water from the filter machine in the station.

During the end of our 12th grade, we go there every day after our special classes and combined study and hangout there till evening. It’s the place where our weird ideas are born. Me and Hari always wish to stay there for a long time and we obstinately hold Nuthin hard until he decide to take a day off from his job and hangout with us.

The above is the most favourite area of hanging out in the station. It the place where platform ends and field starts.

I really miss those old days when we all go together and have so much fun and small spats. I wish I could go there again with my friends like we did before. It is the place which have seen our brightest moments and darkest days.

I can’t remember without laughing out loud, celebrating Holi there with throwing leaves and water instead of colors.

It’s so fun to sit there with your best friends and talk all day long. Also taking pictures and selfies are our most favourite thing to do there.

I know the photos look bad and I took them in b612 because I never knew that I will have a blog and write about this place someday. I also know the post is not up to my usual quality. As you know, I’m not feeling well and I only wrote this because I got an inner calling to write about this. I don’t know if there are any grammatical errors. If yes please forgive me.

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