Angels On Earth – A Rememberance

It was in 2013. February 1st to be specific. I was 14 years old and was studying in 9th grade. It’s been one week I was suffering from oral ulcers. It is such a worse situation. I can’t talk. I cannot eat anything and I was feeling exhausted all the time. I cannot even open my mouth. I really can’t even stand by myself for few minutes. On the day before my doctor said me if those tablets won’t work anymore, I have to be admitted in the hospital. By god’s grace there were no any incident to get admitted in the hospital till that day. I really didn’t wanted to go to the hospital because it is really hard for me, a sensitive person, to spend time in hospital. But as I said I was really tired. To be honest I was surviving last 3 – 4 days by only drinking milk and water. I would say great if I had a ball of rice on those days. My parents was literally worried about my health. My was telling me to go to the hospital. But I insisted on trying my fortune on the last course of the tablets. I don’t know if it is my pain or the grief that my illness induced, I cried myself to sleep on that night.

On February 1st morning, I told my mom that I want to go to the hospital. We went to the Metropolitan Hospital in Thrissur. It was the hospital where the doctor I consulted with were practising. After his checkup he told us to get admission. I had to take total 9 injections for the ulcers. After the procedures of admission in the ground floor, I was allotted for room no. 344 which was in the third floor.

It was a small room with one big bed for the patient and a small bed for the bystander. A small bathroom is also there in the corner of the room. There are two nurses were preparing beds and cleaning the room. I entered into the room. I sat on the bed. One of them asked my name. I said them my name and she wrote my name as “Vyshnav” instead of Vysag in the patient’s name board on the room door.

After few minutes another nurse came to my room with glucose bottles. She was trying hard to find a blood vessel to inject the glucose. I was literally ran out of energy. She asked my name.

Vysag” I tried to say. She smiled.

Where is your home?” The nurse asked me.

I replied “I live in Olari“.

“Which standard are you studying in? In which school?” She asked.

I study in 9th in CMS HSS“. I replied. I was really having a hard time opening my mouth though I tried. Because I knew that if I mess with these people then my life in this hospital would be a hell.

Wow! So you are a superstar of CMS. Don’t worry. I was asking all these questions to check the intensity of your illness. If you’re feeling pain, don’t open your mouth. We are here to take care of you. Don’t be sad.” She said and left.

It really made me smile. A smile with all my heart. I realized that she was trying to lift my mood up.

After few minutes another nurse entered into my room. She came to give us the prescription of doctor. She asked me if I was fine or having pain. She asked my mom if I had any food. Mom said no.

Chechi… He is so tired. Can’t you try giving him Kanji or Rice?” She asked mom.

“I tried. He is not even able to open his mouth wide. He can’t eat it. He only drink milk.” Mom replied.

I looked at her while she was talking with my mom. She was so nervous about me as if her little brother was there in my place.

“Chechi.. there is gel prescribed by doctor. If it applied on the ulcers he will feel better. After applying it you should tell him to try to eat rice.” She said and looked at me with a warm smile.

I literally forgot about my sadness after meeting all these ladies. They are so loving and kind.

In night, sleepless night, I let my parents to sleep and was listening to FM radio in the old basic model Nokia mobile phone. I slept with my earphones on.

In morning (February 2nd) I woke hearing my mom calling my name. I took a small rinse and changed my clothes. After few minutes the same nurse came to give me the injection. She asked my mom if I ate anything yesterday. Mom said no. She assured me that I am going recover very soon, within one or two days. But I was able to see the nervousness in her face.

In the afternoon one of my aunt, uncle and their daughter visited me with some food for us. After few hours they left.

In the night while parents was eating I opened my mouth and told them I wanted to eat. Right the moment my mom gave me some rice and curries by her own hand. I saw a sense of relaxation on her face.

In the next morning the same nurse who asked my mom about me came to give me the injection. She was really happy hearing I ate some food yesterday. I can’t explain in words how happy she was in that moment.

On February 3, I was supposed to be discharged from the hospital. But the doctor suggested me to stay one day.

On February 4 I was discharged from the hospital and had to take the rest course of injections from a hospital near to my home.

When I look back to this incident today, I feel really blessed and grateful to have such a lovely experience. Yes, I had to go through pain but the love I received from them is way huge than the pain. I wish if I could meet those nurses once again.

I regret not asking their names. Maybe because of my introvert ass personality. But they will be always there in my memories. They have a special space in my heart. Because they made me believe that angels does exist and I was seeing them in front of my eyes.

I dedicate this post to all kind nurses out there. Especially the present situation the world is going through I salute you all for working hard and being kind to others. You people indeed are angels on earth.

Metropolitan hospital. Room no. 344 and those kind and generous nurses. You will be in my heart forever. I’m grateful for all your love and care.


©Silent Story Of Vysag

14 thoughts on “Angels On Earth – A Rememberance

  1. That was a beautiful thoughtful memory of yours. I am a frequent visitor of the hospital and all the nurses know me well in the hospital and they are really really kind to me. I salute all the medical proffessions for your hard and kind work towards the community.❤

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  2. So sweet of you Vysag:) You have shared a heart touching story which brings smile on the reader’s face and also a ray of hope that humanity is also beautifully flourishing. You have a beautiful heart and you are absolutely right; Angels do exist, sometimes in the form of those lovely, warm nurses and sometimes as Vysag:) Stay blessed.

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  3. What a sweet memory of kindness during your time of need. With all that we hear on the news, we forget that there are so very many ‘angels’ living among us. I think that is because good news doesn’t sell, only the bad news does. But you are surrounded by love, we all are. For you are worthy and understand how much a kind gesture means. Be well, Vysag. I know you will pay this kindness forward. I can see it in your heart. Namaste.

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