Memories Of Vishu – Recollecting Past Memories

Yesterday was Vishu. It is one of the most celebrated festival in our state, is the regional new year in my state, Kerala, India. Vishu usually falls in April 14th or 15th which is our summer holidays time. I have so many memories with vishu of each year and each vishu are so special to me.

I still remember each and vishu I celebrated in my childhood as it was happened yesterday. I don’t know why is it so special to me.

Vysu.. Wake up…” It was my mom calling me early in the morning. Around 3 AM. “Don’t open your eyes” she always cover my eyes and will not let me open for few seconds. As she removed her palm from my eyes, I saw the Lord Krishna adorned with Golden Shower flowers a display of fruits and vegetables near the idol. Starting the auspicious day with seeing the display is one of the most beautiful sight I ever had. There is a belief that if you start the year with seeing the auspicious display, it would be an amazing year. I must say that is true. Of course not every year is sweet but when I look to the past, each year and all those memories really astonishes me.

The auspicious display known as “Vishukkani”. (Source : Google Images)

After seeing the display our next thing is bursting the firecrackers. My father has always bought us a huge amount of firecrackers. Me and my brother with our dad set fire to the crackers. Also every home in our state celebrate this thing religiously during Vishu. Beyond entertainment there is an ancient belief that bursting crackers will remove the negative energy from home and your place. Technically it is right. When the firecrackers burst it produces high vibrational sounds which push back the low vibrations. In those early morning I saw even stars hiding behind the clouds bashfully.

(Source : Google Images)

After the sunrise, the elder member of your family gives you a monetary gift known as “Vishu kaineettam“. In my home my dad is the elder one. He gives this monetary gift to me, my mother and brother. I used to get not only from my dad but from many other relatives as well. For me it was the annual fund allowed for my personal spendings. But as I don’t have any desire myself I just return it back to my parents so we could take that money for our livelihood when we face a financial crisis. At the end of the day when I hand over my dad all the money I got I see somebody smiling with all their heart… My mom… Nothing can literally beat it’s glow… Not even the golden shower flower…

Kanikkonna“/ Golden Shower (Source : Google Images)

Even the mother earth changes herself to welcome vishu. Vishu is the day when the day and night comes equal and the literal meaning of vishu itself is equal. Like a woman adorns herself with golden ornaments, mother earth welcomes vishu by blossoming Golden shower flowers across the region. Golden shower flower is one of the indicators that reminds us the vishu is coming very soon.

Vishu marks the end of spring season and the start of summer in Kerala. It also known to be the celebration of harvest. It is the festival of reaping the fruits of labor. The morning breakfast “Vishukatta” is made from freshly harvested rice. And the fruits and vegetables used in the auspicious display also freshly harvested. The raw smell of the freshly cooked rice and eating it with the jaggery syrup is literally a heavenly experience to me.

I tried my best to write but I messed up writing this. I can’t explain those feelings in words. I’m ending my words.


©Silent Story Of Vysag

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