Quarantine and Mental Health – A Guidance On Taking Care Of Mental Health

Hello my readers!

After a long time you are hearing from me. I was not in a good mood to write. Now I wanted to write because the topic I am going to write about is really relevant nowadays. We know that Coronavirus has created a pandemic situation and is spreading almost around the globe. My prayers to all those who are diagnosed with Coronavirus. Get well soon!

To those people who are working to fight against this virus, doctors, nurses, governments, NGOs, and etc. my millions of salutations to you. Without you the situation would never be the same.

The situation is getting worse than before. Many countries like Italy, France, India, etc. declared lockdown to prevent the spreading of virus. The citizens are not allowed to leave their home during the lockdown.

It is really hard for people to spend so much time in the same place for a long time. I know how difficult it can be. But we don’t have any other options. During the lockdown period it is so important to take care of your health. Especially your mental health. Human by nature are social beings. Not every humans can spend a long time without having any connection without another human being. Even if there are we will get bored after sometime. Such situations can cause mental breakdown which leads to other mental health issues.

Today I am going to some common and popular tips to take care of your mental health during the quarantine period.

  • Meditation and Prayer
During this time meditation and prayers can make a lot of difference. Not only for the situation around the world but for your mental health as well. Meditation and praying will calm your mind and will bring a sense of peace. I will post on how to meditate very soon. So stay updated!

  • Workout
This is a great time to get that fit body or to lose some pounds as you wished. You don’t need gym or anything like that. Just google about some home workout and practise it. I’m doing it too. After the quarantine you will look toned and shredded.

  • Dance
Those who don’t want to workout but to get fit. It is also great if you want to improve your dancing skills. Move your body. As your body get active your mind will too. It will refresh your mind.

  • Journaling
This one is so important to everyone, especially to those who suffer from mood swings and depression. This is a great way to clear the negative mood and make your mind refreshed. Just write down whatever you feel. You will see releasing those emotions. If you want, you can burn after writing down on a paper. You can journal your daily activities and may evaluate how you performed in a quarantine.

  • Gardening
I know we all have a garden which have never seen us for a long time. It is really good to take care of the garden. Plant new plants. Water the ones you already have. This will calm your mind and make a deeper connection with earth.

  • Cooking and doing chores
This one is my favourite. I really enjoy cooking. You could try some recipes without any fear now because you’re free and at home 😛 . I will share some of my recipes here soon. Also do some household chores to make your mind committed.

  • Singing
Just try it. Even if you are a terrible singer. No one is going to judge you. You can try karaoke sessions on daily basis which could bring so much fun and happiness during this time.

  • Writing
Just take a pen and paper. Write down whatever comes to your mind. This is not only and stress reliever as I mentioned before but also it will give you an introduction to creative writing. It may also give ideas to write more. If you are a creative writer then write your heart out in a paper or in WordPress or Wattpad. Let your creativity flow.

  • Reading
As an old saying “Taking weights will gain you muscles, taking books will give you brain”. In a sense reading is so important in our life with only which we could gain knowledge, intelligence and grow our creativity. There are many good book out there. Or you can download Wattpad or WordPress and you can see millions of stories and articles that worth reading.

  • Find lost gems
Quarantine period is also a great time to get yourself updated with your old pals. Pick that phone and call them. Let them know you care for them and ask if they are fine. You can socialize during lockdown too.

  • Learn a new skill or a language
Learning a new skill or language would be a great investment for your future. Currently I pursued learning a new language and I am learning an Indian language called “Odia” now. You can also learn something like computer programming or cooking or any languages. There are plenty of websites and YouTube channels to help you.

  • Play games
Games are good way to refresh your mind. I wouldn’t suggest any computer games or mobile phone video games. But some board games like Ludo or Chess or Carroms. Playing it with your family will make your bond deeper, have a quality time with your family and will give you a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Clean the clutters
Clean your home. Remove those old useless thing out of your home. You will see the new, fresh positive energy rushing to your house.

These are few tips I practise. There are as many things to do as listening to music and watching television and movies. I didn’t mentioned it because those are some of the things we do in our daily life.

I really hope the scientists would find a vaccination for Coronavirus, the number of people diagnosed with Coronavirus will drop down and everybody leaving hospitals recovered. Let us all pray for this.

More than 50,000 people left us already. Prayers to their soul.

Practice hand sanitizing and social distancing. Stay home stay safe.
Also stay updated to my blog!

Thank you

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