The Key To Happiness – A The Happiness Guide

I should have been written this post at the starting of the year. I mean in the first or second day of the year so that my wordpress family could read and try these tricks as early as possible. I believe everything happens in the right time in the right place and for a reason. So I’m writing this post now. I think it’s not that late and the year has been just started. I believe this post will give you some life hacks and essential knowledge.

What Is The Key To Happiness

Probably it will be the most self-asked question. Our life is full of stress from work, education, relationships, personal problems, day to day life, climate change, fake news from the media, economy, world war III, etc. No matter how much we try to avoid these things we will end up thinking about it and spoiling our mood. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wishes to see a happy world. But what’s the way to achieve it? What is the key to happiness?

You! Only you.

You’re the only one who could decide your happiness. No one is able to control it unless you allow to do so. Decide to be happy now and then only you will be able to be happy. Never allow someone else to take control of your life.

You can’t be happy if you are not being true to yourself. Faking is something that everyone hates. If you are faking something in your life, then this is the time to stop. You will not be able to enjoy your life if you are faking something and obviously which is causing you uncomfortableness. You are the most beautiful when you decide to be yourself. Just be yourself and enjoy!

Does dance makes you happy? Do it! Even you are horrible at dancing. Does singing makes you happy? Sing along with your favourite singers. Rock on! Just do it. Enjoy the each moment of life.

Now, I know you people are thinking “What would they say about me if I do these?” right? Tell your inner critic to shut the freak up. Stop overthinking. It just ruins your life. Literally I had this problem of overthinking and spoiled 14 years of my life without living my life without its colors. I used affirmations like

I am free from overthinking”

“Overthinking is not good for me”

to overcome this habit. Overthinking is injurious! 😛

Now there will be a lot of brainless lunatics who pretend to be the most knowledged people in the entire universe. They are like, they think they could teach Adele to sing, Leonardo DiCaprio to act, and DaVinci to paint. Tell them kindly to shut their mouth and mind their own business.

Shut your ears and open your heart. Your heart knows what you want. That’s where the real key to happiness is. Just listen to your heart. Believe me you are going to see a lot of positive changes in your life.

These are the small things that I did to lead a happy and positive life. I think it will be helpful to my wordpress family as well. Also don’t forget to lend a helping hand to those who are in need. This year you should take some time to invest in yourself and to help others. Together let’s make a happy world!


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