2019 REWIND – An Overall Review Of My Life In 2019

As I was too lazy to pen words, this blog was inactive for few months. Today is the last day of 2019 as well as the last day of the decade and this morning I decided to write something in my blog.

My Life in 2019

Every new year reminds me how a year can change someone. 2019 was a year so dear to me which taught me a lot of important life lessons. When I look back, 2019 was a period of my internal transformation started in 2018. This year I was putting all my concentration to the development of myself. Although 2019 wasn’t a year beautiful at all, the year was worth living. I’m grateful for the things that 2019 bought me.

I am an introvert with social anxiety and mood swings. I have only few friends since many years, like 5 or 6. This year inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to socialize. I worked myself out with affirmations to get over my social anxiety. After overcoming my anxiety to a small extent, I really enjoy being around people and socializing. I realized that having some friends and socializing will be helpful in your life. The highlight was I made some loyal, sincere, true friends which I thought I wouldn’t be able to do in my entire lifetime.

I also learned to go with the flow of life. There are so many situations in our lives where we can do nothing and just think or stare at it. In my personal experience, It is best to just go with the flow. Sometimes going on with the flow yield the best outcome than interfering in the situation.

2019 was the year ignited the desire in me to live my life at its fullest. I never enjoyed my life this much in the past many years. This year taught me that in your life, the most one that matters is you.

I remember, in my childhood, I was a rebel, a free spirit. But I don’t know when I lost the true me. From this 2019, I started to regain the power in me. I started to take control of my life. I learned to stop overthinking, which is the main killer of your happiness. Life has changed me a lot since my teen age days. It was then I started to retreat myself in to my shell with no colors of life. Now 2019 brought me back the real me!

At the very end of the year, the major lesson I learned that only love, arts and devotion to the divine are eternal.

Now 2019 is saying bye to us. I’m grateful for all the good things and bad things I came across in the year. Without them I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. 2019 taught me to discover the unexplored talents and dimensions within me. You’re an experience worth living!

I am approaching 2020 with expecting the unexpected. I’m so excited to know what 2020 is going to bring me. 2020 is smiling at us. Make it worth living. Wishing you all a very happy new year in advance!


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