Niram Maaraatha Pookkal – Story

After many years, that plus two batch is having a reunion. It’s almost 10 years they have been completed their course from that renowned private college in Thrissur. Vedhika was so excited as well as nervous about the reunion. She is happy recollect those golden memories dear to her but also she was afraid of something she didn’t wanted to remember. Her mobilephone rang. She picked it up. It was her best friend Meera on line.

“Vedhu, how are you di? When will you come here for the reunion?” Meera asked

“Meeru, I’m fine. Hope you are too. Akhi invited me too. But I don’t know I should come or not.” Vedhika replied.

“Why di? Our whole batch mates are coming this time. If you’re not coming, we will miss you and we will drop the reunion. I have already said this to Akhi.” Meera said.

Yeah. I know. But please. Please avoid me this time.” Vedhika replied.

“Okay. So you are not coming. Then we will cancel the reunion for sure. You know everybody is eagerly waiting to see only you. You haven’t been here for the reunion in previous years. But this time we are not going to let you escape from this.” Meera said.

“Okay. I will come. Please don’t cancel the event. I will be there only for you all. See you there. Take care.” Vedhika replied and cut the phone.

Vedhika is a 27 year old women working as a finance manager in a leading multi national company in Mumbai. She is a beautiful lady blessed with dusky and glowing skin, dark brown, sparkling eyes and long hair. In simple words, she is the traditional malayali beauty.

“Vedhu, wake up mole”. Vedhika was so tired by the long journey from Mumbai to Thrissur. She opened her eyes. It was her mom. “Stop sleeping. It’s almost 7 in morning. Are you forgotten about the reunion? Don’t you want to go?” Mom asked. “Yeah Amma. I will get ready. Thank you for waking me up.” Vedhika opened her wardrobe. She looked in the wardrobe thoroughly. It contained so many costly salwars and sarees. She closed it and went to the other room. She opened the old almirah. She looked at them with nostalgia. It was her clothes she used to wear when she was in her 18s to early 20s. There are so many colorful dhavanis and pattu paavadas in that almirah. She took one from them. An Orange color paavada (skirt) and dhavani with yellow blouse. It was her favorite her at that time, when she was studying in plus two. Suddenly she ran outside and plucked a hibiscus flower and few leaves of them. She grinded it and washed her hair using the hibiscus paste like she used to do before. After bath she worn the dhavani she picked from her almirah. The blouse was bit tight but still it was fit for her. She wondered how she maintained her body with the daily half hour dance practice. She went to the mirror. Styled her hair like she did when she was in plus two and used Kanmashi instead of eyeliner. No lipstick or mascara. That old Kanmashi was enough for her. A black bindhi on her forehead with along with sandal and vermillion. She looked in the mirror. She was amazed that how beautiful she was. But her eyes was almost filled up with tears realizing how changed things. She asked permission from her father to go and started her journey. Even though her father suggested to take car or two-wheeler she sticked to take bus, like she did before. Infact she was trying to recreate that time.

Getting down from the bus in the bus stop near to her college, Vedhika noticed how much the city changed. It was never like before. Taking each step through the footpath, she remembered those old days she used to walk with Meera. After sometime she saw a home, that has a yellow bauhinia tree in front of it. When she returns from college on her way back to the bus stop, she always looked at the tree and its flower to confirm her grandmother had not lied to her that the yellow bauhinia flowers will turn purple in evening. Even though she know it will turn purple, she looked at it everyday. It has became a habbit.

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After 10 second she saw the gate of her college and Meera was standing there with a pleasant smile. Infact she was so happy to see her bestie after a long time. Vedhika said hello and hugged her.

“Finally after a long time.. You are same as that time. But you look different in those photos you sent me.” Meera said.

“Haha.. I know. I look different in those photos. But I also know that you people like to see me like this. At least it would help our old buddies of recognize me.” Vedhika replied with laugh.

Meera said “Well I was waiting for you. Let’s go inside. I’m so excited”.

They both entered into the college. Akhi and their other friends was there in the college auditorium. Shanti, one of the best friend of Vedhika came and hugged her as she saw her. She also was happy to see Vedhika.

“Oh my God! Vedhu… Where have you been!? How are you? Where’s your husband and kids?” Shanti asked. Vedhika got nervous. She didn’t knew what to say as she was not expecting these questions.

“Oh come on Shanti. Is it necessary to marry early? At least remember that she is a financial manager of a leading MNC. Also remember that she is a bold woman, she will never settle down to something that doesn’t fit her standards.” Meera joked. Vedhika also tried to fake a laugh.

After seeing their teachers and other important people they went to their old plus two class to recollect their memories. After sometimes many of them left for a walk in the corridors. It was only Akhi, Meera and Shanti was in the classroom. Akhi was so eager to have a quality conversation with his partner in crime in exams.

“Vedhu, it’s been a long time since we talked. I always tell my wife about you.” Akhi said.

Yeah. That’s why she always hit you with saucepan.” Meera replied and both Shanti and Vedhika blasted laugh.

“Shut up.. I’m serious. I told her how you helped me, how you influenced me and she said you must be one in a million.” Akhi said.

Vedhika replied “Say my thanks to her and hope she is fine. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to attend your wedding”.

“You never attended wedding of any our friends.” Shanti said with sadness.

I am so sorry dear. You know I have a job with huge responsibility. Even a small mistake by my side will cause a big loss for the firm. If that happens I would have to pay compensation to them else they will send me to jail.” Vedhika said.

Meera was so angry at Shanti, but she hid it well. She only knows how much efforts took to bring Vedhika for this reunion, and the other lady is making Vedhika uncomfortable with her sentimental dialogues and unnecessary questions. “Hey Shanti! Do you remember those peanut candies we used to have on those days? Come let’s buy it from the canteen. You two people talk here. We will get it.” Meera grabbed Shanti’s hand and dragged her to the canteen without giving her a chance to reply.

After they went, Akhi and Vedhika started their conversation. Vedhika was so happy and comfortable with her old pal. He was the only boy in her best friend list. She was so close to him. “Vedhu, I can’t believe that you’re still single? Why? I thought you would be the first one to marry someone and settle down with family among our classmates.” Akhi said.

With a smile Vedhika replied “Really? It was my dream. But circumstances will not always favour you. So I decided to stay single.”

You still love that guy. Don’t you? That guy from our senior graduation batch?” Akhi said

Vedhika shocked “How did you know about this? I never told you anything about this.”

“Well, Meera said this to me. It was so sad to hear that you were hiding this to me. But what makes me more sad is that you are still loving him and spoiling your life for who doesn’t even have any feelings for you.” Akhi replied furiously.

“I know it is not good to live with feelings for someone who doesn’t have any feelings for you, who doesn’t even talked to you once. I did my best to forget him. But I ended up on remembering him. I did tried to hate him and ended up on loving him more.” Vedhika replied.

I know this sounds weird and corny. But this is what I feel. I have memories of him in each and every corner of this college. That’s why I was insisted to not to come for this reunion. This is tearing me apart.” Vedhika added.

For one moment Vedhika skipped into her past. The time when she was studying in plus two. She was an amazing student and a charming girl with a calm aura around her like princess Aurora. People always mention her butterfly. It was on a morning she saw him for the first time. That bearded guy in the senior class. Meera and Vedhika were talking about love. Suddenly Meera pointed at that guy and asked Vedhika how he was looking. Vedhika replied that he was handsome. Meera teased her by saying that do you want me to hit him up? You two will look great match. I will tell him that you want to get to know him. Vedhika stared at Meera angry. Another day while Vedhika and Meera was talking in the parking area of the college, Vedhika noticed that this guy also was looking at her. Whenever Vedhika looks at him, he turns his face to the opposite direction and when she is not looking, he looks at her.

“Meeru, can you see that guy in yellow t-shirt is staring at me?” Vedhika asked Meera for a confirmation.

“Oh my God! Yes he is. This is that guy na? That bearded guy we saw in the morning couple of days ago?” Meera got excited. Vedhika was wondered why he was looking at her.

They continued to look at one another for days. But whenever Vedhika looks at him in distance, he turns his face and only look at her when she was not looking at him. Wherever she looks at, he is there. One day he and his friend came to her bus stop and he stood near her. His friend suggested him to sit in the nearby park but he insisted to stand near her. Another day during their looking at each other routine, they ended up looking at each other. They looked at each other’s eyes in a short distance. He turned away and left like nothing has happened. But Vedhika was standing like a statue. She realized that something happened to her heart, similar to heart attack. She felt no pain but only warmth. A comforting and peaceful warmth. She was in trance mode whole day, literally without knowing what’s going on around her.

Suddenly she didn’t saw him for a few days. Initially she thought he might be sick. But after one week she came to knew that they had semester exams. When he is back after his exams, he unexpectedly saw her eye to eye. She noticed the happiness in his eyes. Pupil was becoming larger. She remembered that pupil larges only when you see someone you love, reading in an psychological article. On the very first day of their Christmas holidays, she was about to cry. She was feeling a pain. Don’t know why? She asked a hundred times to herself. She closed her eyes, she saw the reason. It was him. She asked why he is coming in her mind? Why she miss him so much? And after few days she realized her love for him. If this isn’t love, then what it is?

Vedhika was so confused what to do. She realized that she doesn’t even know his name. Well she borrowed her brother’s old smartphone and made a Facebook account. She searched for him using every clues she got. Finally she got his best friend’s Facebook account from the official page and she found his account from his friend list. She checked his profile. His name is Rohit. He’s from a town far from hers. She went through his photos. He’s as cute as a teddy bear. She called Meera and told her that she found his account. Meera suggested her to send a friend request and message him. With shivering hands Vedhika tapped Send Friend Request button. Next day she saw him accepted the request she sent. She sent him Hi two times. Unfortunately she left on read twice. It was so sad for her. Meera encouraged her to try again. It is not so easy to initiate a talk with guy. Vedhika wished him on Christmas day and got a Christmas wish with two piece of cake emojis in return. Vedhika was not surprised at all, even though she didn’t knew that he would reply. On the 1st January, she sent him new year wishes. This time she expected a wishes and few emojis in return. He sent it. Vedhika sent a thumbs up emoji as she knew nothing is going to happen. Surprisingly he replied asking how was her new year eve celebrations. She felt like she was on top of the world. She was so happy. She replied him it was nice and asked how was his. He replied his was nice too.

When the college reopened, Vedhika was so excited to go. She was eagerly waiting to see him. There is a big pillar in the corridor of the college and she always stay behind it to look at him. So he cannot see her directly. She saw him coming and prepared to give him a smile and start a conversation. But he passed without noticing her. She felt sad. Meera made fun of her to lift her mood. She told Vedhika to not lose hope.

On a Thursday morning, Vedhika and Meera was walking through the corridor from teachers room to their class. They saw Rohit and some of his friends standing in the corridor. They must have been cut the classes. Suddenly the assistant principal came and asked them why they are standing there. As they were talking Vedhika and Meera tried to pass through. Assistant Principal asked them to stop and asked why these two girls roaming around. “We have special class now. We went to the staff room to call our teacher.” In a moment Vedhika replied nervously. Rohit and his friends laughed so hard. Assistant principal left and the girls went to their class.

“Vedhu, why are you getting so nervous now? You know how weird you were replying to assistant principal?” Meera asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it is because Rohit was there.” Vedhika replied.

“Yeah. Did you noticed him? He was the one to laugh at you hard.” Meera said.

“Oh. I don’t know why I behave like this every single time. Are you sure that he laughed at me?” Vedhika asked.

Meera replied “Oh you want to know that? He was laughing at you so hard. They must been cracking jokes about you when we left there. If I had enough guts, I would have slapped him on face for insulting you.”

“Never mind it Meeru. This things are common in college life. I enjoy this. They never meant to insult me purposefully. It just happened. After all it was him, right? The man I love….” Vedhika said.

“Oh my God. I don’t know what I am going to do with this girl. Love made her blind. Please save this queen.” Meera whispered.

As days passes by, Vedhika started losing hope on him though she was getting mixed signals from him. She started to pray god to make a solution for this situation. She went to temples, churches, but nothing have changed. She texted him. He left her on read. But he never forgot to look at her in college. She asked God a million times, What kind of an experiment is this? On the last day of her class that year she sent him a message on Facebook. Both of them are final years and will never see each other again if she didn’t make a move right now. Sha has no hope. She already knew that her feelings hurt. Her heart broken. But still she gave it a chance. Nothing happened special. She left on read as before. She felt like something is penetrating into her heart, making unbearable pain. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She felt like her world is falling apart. She cried her eyes out. However she never let anybody to know her pain. From then, she never slept without crying. For her, crying is the lullaby she sings to herself. Meera said Vedhika that her pain is just temporary or just an illusion. How can somebody love someone without knowing them well?

“Vedhu…” Akhi shaked her. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing da. I just… Leave it” Vedhika said.

“Well it is not good to spoil your life. Why can’t you try loving someone else who will reciprocate your feelings? This isn’t so corny?” Akhi asked.

Vedhika replied “Yeah.. Well, there are a lot of people out there who will reciprocate my feelings. But how can I love them when I have somebody in my heart? It would be a cheating. Isn’t it?

“Akhi, you know, if I love somebody, I will love them till end of the time. Now I love the idea of love. See, once I have written about the life I wanted to live with him, things I wanted to do with him in my diary. It is too corny.” Vedhika added with a smile.

Akhi felt her pain. He know his bestie is faking that smile. He too tried to fake a smile and asked “Do you have any pictures of him? I never seen him before.”

Vedhika took her phone and opened the hidden gallery. She opened his picture and handed to Akhi. “Hmmm…. He is handsome. You two would make a good couple to see.. But….” Akhi said without thinking. But noticed that how happy she was when talking about Rohit. She speaks about him like that she’s never been hurt. Without any complaint or sadness.

Vedhika grabbed her mobilephone from Akhi. Looked at Rohit’s photo, placed it to her chest and smiled, a very sad smile, “I hope you won’t think of me as corny….” She said. Tears started to roll down from her eyes. She stood up and left the classroom. She cried. While on her way back to the bus stop in the evening, she stopped at that home with bauhinia tree. She saw that yellow bauhinia flowers didn’t turned purple that day. Some flowers doesn’t change colors, no matter how much time passed…..

(The End) (Based on real life incident)

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22 thoughts on “Niram Maaraatha Pookkal – Story

  1. The story was really nice and the way you ended was epic.
    It feels sad to know that it was a real incident and how much pain that girl goes through.
    It also catches a small glimpse of the tamil movie ’96’ in the reunion part.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It is so sad to know that this is a real incident. By the way I liked the story. It reminded me myself when I loved someone who has no feeling in return. I You really wrote the feelings of a failed, one sided lover like me in this story somewhere. What about writing a sequel of this story? I would really appreciate if you write it. We wouldn’t mind if it’s a fiction. Just portraying her future when the true happiness comes into her life. Like every other flings?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You Johanna! I feel sorry to hear that you also had gone through similar pain. I know how much painful it can be. I will try to write a sequel for this story, but I need some time. I’m so glad you liked my story. Thank you once again!


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