The Art Of Discovering Yourself – My Experience

As this is the first post in my blog, I wanted something special to start with. Here I’m going to share my life changing experience that led me to discovering my true self and made me aware of my potential.

Discovering yourself is not a tough job, neither an easy thing. It is a journey, not a destination, a continuous process of finding your soul. It took lot of courage to find yourself and be true. It’s a process of transformation, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. You have to be prepared for a lot of good and bad surprises. Because it’s a rollercoaster ride, you’ll be excited as well as frightened. You’ll lose many relationships, you’ll have to give up on many habits that no longer serves you, you will have to face a lot of opposition and hurdles on your way. But remember, you have to give up something to make room for new. There will be times you will feel your world is falling apart. People will leave you. You may feel that you are alone. You will feel alienated from others once you start to discover your soul. And the society will be there to criticize. But don’t stop. Remember that you are living for you, not for others. All you lost are not what you really deserved. The best are yet to come.

Life is beautiful when you’re happy. Right? I have seen many people saying they are not happy in their life. I know everyone, including me, deserves happiness, wants to be happy. But majority of us aren’t. Why? Because we are not aligned with the true version of ourself, and aligning ourself simply means finding your true self. The only way to happiness, to finding your true self is your heart. It knows who you are and what you want. Just follow your heart and it will show the colorful dimension of life. Trying to fit in will not work for long haul and it is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself as of my experience. Happiness is for the courageous. If you are courageous to take a step to find yourself, trust me, you are on your way to happiness.

Also keep it in mind that happiness is based upon our own perception. Try to look at the positive side. As an ancient proverb, “the key to happiness is in our own hands”. We are the only person controlling ourselves. If we decide to be happy, we are. There is no perfect happiness. Happiness comes when you accept the life as what it is. Be aware that no one leads a complete happy life. There are problems in everyones way. Compare yourself with none. Because everyone have a different story.

As I said earlier, doing something is better than nothing. Make an effort to listen to your heart. Follow your intuition. Just be yourself and do what you love. So the world will see how capable you are.

Thanks and Love


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7 thoughts on “The Art Of Discovering Yourself – My Experience

  1. Very well written and true. It takes courage to pursue what your heart tells you is your best path in life. Society generally wants to make us conform into its image of how our lives should be lived, and it takes considerable bravery at times to deviate from that.

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